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Carey Price gave Stéphane Waite a mask… And it’s beautiful!

Throughout his career in Montreal, Carey Price has obviously impressed fans with his performances in front of the net. We’re still talking about the man who was the CH’s best player for almost a decade, leading the club to the Stanley Cup Final in 2021.

It’s a real shame he didn’t get the chance to lift the big trophy, and that playoff run ended his career, but he really gave it his all to try and win the Cup.

But beyond the player, the human element was also truly loved in Montreal. Price has been very involved in the Montreal community, and even this summer, we saw him visiting the Canadiens Hockey School and sending a video to lift the spirits of a seriously ill Quebec native woman.

He knows how to take care of his world, as they say.

And in addition to his community involvement, Price has always had his heart on his sleeve for those who have helped him with the CH. Recently, for example, Stéphane Waite revealed on On jase that, after his dismissal, Price offered him a mask as a memento to thank him.

He’s really, really handsome.

Our colleagues at HabsolumentFan brought you the news earlier today.

Waite explains that the mask in question is a rather special one for Price, as it was the very first one the goalie wore following the birth of his daughter Liv, the eldest in the family. Her name is inscribed on the back of the mask.

Price also wrote a short message to Waite on the mask to show his gratitude… a message that ends with a French “Merci”.

And rather than have an employee of the organization deliver it to Waite, Price himself went to his former coach’s home the day after his dismissal to give it to him in person. Classy, really.

Clearly, Waite was impressed by the class of his former protégé, who still seems grateful for what Price did to thank him. Sometimes, a simple token of appreciation and thanks can have a long-term impact.

A very nice gesture from Price, who left his former coach a very special mask. And between you and me, I think the mask is absolutely magnificent.

In a gust

– Calling all interested parties.

– The day Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield are separated on the ice, the mothers of both players reunite. Strange timing, hehe.

– It’s not the first time we’ve heard this…

– To see.

– Excuse me?

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