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Le Baron, Alain Chantelois, joins La Poche Bleue

Speaking to La Poche Bleue a few days ago, Alain Chantelois revealed that RDS would not be renewing his contract. After many years at Réseau des Sports, it’s finally time for him to move on.

At the time, we wondered if retirement awaited him. A few days after the announcement of his departure from RDS, however, our questions were answered. He will be joining Maxim Lapierre and Guillaume Latendresse at Poche Bleue as a contributor to the “Taverne Hockey” segment.

This is what the site announced on social media a few hours ago.

Taverne Hockey is a new segment that will air weekly. Each week, two or three columnists will debate sports news with the podcast hosts.

Wednesday was the segment’s premiere, and Max and Guillaume welcomed three renowned guests in Michel Bergeron, Jean Perron and Éric Bélanger, no less.

Le Baron, one of the finest analysts of our era, will continue to share his opinions, which are not always unanimous, but are greatly appreciated.

Lapierre and Latendresse really pulled out all the stops when they hired him.

After RDS decided to let him go, I’m sure he was in demand.

In 2019, Chantelois celebrated 45 years in the business. Before becoming a commentator on 5 à 7 on RDS, Alain was a panelist on L’Antichambre and Sports 30, as well as hosting 4 à 7 on RIS INFO SPORTS. He never kept his opinions and comments to himself, and that’s what made him one of the network’s greats.

Over the years, he’s had some funny moments. At La Poche Bleue, those funny moments will only multiply, I’m sure.

Good luck to him in his new challenge.

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