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6:12 of playing time today for Michkov: SKA must act

I have to admit that I don’t really understand what’s going on with Matvei Michkov at the moment. And I don’t mean that in a negative way.

After all, he was left out of the first two games of his club’s KHL season for unknown reasons. Yet he had been very good in the club’s preparatory games, even winning MVP of a 3-on-3 competition…

The Flyers prospect was in uniform today, and once again, it’s open to interpretation. Why do I say that?

Because, over the entire game, Michkov spent a paltry 6 minutes and 12 seconds on the ice. Daniel Brière must not be the happiest guy on earth right now…

At some point, SKA St. Petersburg will have to make a decision because Matvei Michkov is 18 and needs to play to develop, especially when we’re talking about a player with potential like his.

In the end, it’s the youngster’s progress that suffers. Like any other player, he has to earn his playing time and he has to do things the right way, which is probably not the case at the moment…

At least, I don’t see why the club would decide to punish him in the opposite scenario.

But SKA need to help him out a bit too, either by finding him a role of some kind or by loaning him out to another side, as was the case last season.

This doesn’t mean that the club should give him a free pass, but it does mean that they have to understand that it’s by playing that the kid will become a better field hockey player.

Looking at the game as a whole, SKA lost 4-3. On the other hand, Bogdan Konyushkov had a great game for Torpedo.

He finished the game with an assist (as did Alex Galchenyuk, by the way), but the CH hopeful was most impressive for his intelligence on the ice. He understands the game and has great vision, which led to a superb scoring chance.

Martin Lapointe, before the draft, was told that Konyushkov “is an intelligent defenseman with a nice offensive upside”… And we have the proof with the following sequence:

But we agree that the story of the game is the use of Matvei Michkov.

I can’t wait to see if a solution will be found to “fix the problem”… Because right now, it’s a bit of a mess.

In a row

– Is it enough to qualify for the playoffs?

– There’s still a lot of work to be done.

– Love this.

– I’d pay good money to go back in time.

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