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Furious madness: Connor Bredard is forced to walk with bodyguards

Right now, Connor Bedard is on a rampage. And I’m not weighing my words.

We knew he was popular with fans for obvious reasons… But he’s even more popular than you think.

So much so, in fact, that he’s forced to walk around with bodyguards at the moment, as Renaud Lavoie recounted this morning on BPM Sports .

To the point where fans want nothing to do with other hopefuls when it’s time for an autograph, as Xavier Bourgault, who rubbed shoulders with him at the latest Upper Deck showcase, explained.

So much so that, in Arlington, Virginia, which is far from being a field hockey town, fans are running after his bus to meet him.

So much so that collectors are waiting in the lobby of his hotel for him to sign their field hockey cards.

He is… Yeah. You get the message.

Connor Bedard is 18 years old and (already) one of the best-known personalities in the field hockey world.

That’s only natural, because he’s been referred to as a generational player…

But the hype surrounding him is simply different. You can’t compare him to Sidney Crosby, because back then, technology was less advanced and the importance of social networks was much more minimal.

Now, his name is everywhere… And that comes with a different kind of pressure. He knows that everything he does is and will be closely watched, both on and off the ice.

Not all youngsters have the luxury of living with that kind of pressure, and not all youngsters are capable of handling it. I say “luxury”… because in my eyes, it’s a privilege.

But Bedard seems to have a good head on his shoulders. The proof is that he maintains that, at Hawks training camp, he’ll have to fight for his place like every other player on the team… But everyone on the planet knows that his place is guaranteed in Luke Richardson’s line-up.

He’s humble and that’s a credit to him. Now let’s see how he behaves with all this pressure surrounding him…

And judging by his performance at the last World Junior Championship, with all the pressure on his shoulders, I’m not really worried.

In gusto

– Frankly, one of the greatest rivalries in sports.

– Will it be in Calgary or elsewhere? That’s the question.

– Oh, yes!

– There’s no rush right now.

– Let’s forget about the Nordiques’ return for now. [Journal de Montréal]

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