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Contract extension for André Tourigny in Arizona

At the end of next season, the three-year contract signed a few years ago by the Coyotes’ Quebec head coach André Tourigny will expire.

But now, on Tuesday evening, we learn that Tourigny has signed a contract extension.

Details of the pact have not been released, but everything has been discussed and formalized within the organization. Before making the deal official, Craig Morgan explains that the team hopes to do the same with Tourigny’s assistants.

The Coyotes had expressed their desire to extend their head coach a few days ago. My colleague Médérick Lefebvre discussed the situation in greater detail.

If there’s one guy in field hockey who deserves this contract, it’s Tourigny. He’s won everywhere he’s been and he’s a true professional. He’s also passionate about field hockey, and even during the summer, he’ll never turn down an interview.

He’s a big supporter of field hockey in Quebec and will always fight to improve the visibility of our players.

Details to follow.

In brief

– The Coyotes acquired him during the summer.

– Sad news.

– I understand her.

– Bravo.

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