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Andy Mailly-Pressoir confirms he is leaving TVA Sports

With the back-to-school season fast approaching (and already underway for some Quebec media outlets), we can feel the pawns being placed on the chessboard. The BPM Sports schedule was officially unveiled this morning, for example, and across Quebec, we’re starting to get an idea of what’s in store for the fall.

On the other hand, as happens every year (unfortunately), talented members of the media leave the business for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s because of layoffs (the worst-case scenario, we agree), but other times it’s the person themselves who decides to leave.

And today, we saw another well-known face in the sports media announce that he wouldn’t be back this year: Andy Mailly-Pressoir officially announced his departure from TVA Sports.

He wants to “reflect on his future” in view of the current reality of the television business and the great shift towards digital.

He’s open to offers if anyone has an opportunity for him, but he won’t be spending the next year at TVA Sports. He’s spent seven years with the network, and it seems he wants to move on.

Colleague Maxime Truman had just raised the possibility of him leaving, possibly to turn to documentary production. We’ll keep you posted.

But even so, it’s a big loss for TVA Sports. We’ve seen Mailly-Pressoir have a role during pre-game shows for CH games (he had a humorous column before each game) and he was also a host and reporter for the network.

I don’t know where he’ll bounce back to, but with all his talent, he deserves to find a chair elsewhere in the business. I wish him well, I really do.

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