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Mattias Norlinder to attend CH training camp
Last week, Grant McCagg surprised everyone by saying that Mattias Norlinder would not be back in Laval next season. The former scout seemed to believe that Norlinder would simply spend the next year in Europe and that the CH would not offer him a new contract next summer.

We all agree that he’s lost some of his superbness since the days when he was seen as a top-quality prospect, but it was a bit out of nowhere all the same.

That said, after McCagg’s statement, you could sense that there was still some doubt about it. After all, even if he’s been overtaken by many in the team’s hierarchy, he’s still a guy under contract with the team and you had to wonder if a prep game in Europe was enough evidence.

David Reinbacher has already played two in the last few days, and it’s a different story in his case.

And today, the rumor has clearly been debunked. Mathias Brunet affirmed it in his text of the day, and Nicolas Cloutier(who spoke with the defenseman’s agent) also reported that Norlinder will indeed be at the team’s camp.

He should arrive in town in early September.

On the other hand, although Norlinder’s agent seems to be saying that his client is ready to spend the year in North America, it’s questionable whether he’ll stay in town beyond training camp. Let’s not forget thathe hated his first stint in the AHL, and last year amassed just 19 points in 67 games in Laval.

I’m not sure he particularly enjoyed the second one either, as he seems to be homesick for Europe.

At the same time, I’d like to think that Norlinder won’t come to camp thinking he’ll get a spot in the NHL. And if he ever does (whether in Montreal or elsewhere), he’ll need to continue acclimatizing to North American rinks.

So it’ll be a story to follow, but the good news is that we can expect to see Norlinder in town for the Habs’ training camp. The next steps will be quite interesting, shall we say.

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