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Réjean Tremblay: a new series from his pen is coming to TVA

Réjean Tremblay has had an illustrious career in the Quebec media. We know him, of course, as a journalist and columnist, but with Lance et compte, we’ve also seen him write one of the province’s greatest field hockey series.

The proof is that we’re still talking about it today.

And even though his pen has already penned one great field hockey series, you can sense that the Godfather still has the flame. And today, he outright confessed that he’s been working for some time on a new series to be presented on TVA: Le 7e.

The series (fiction, not documentary) will focus on the world of field hockey team management.

The journalist makes no secret of it: the team that will be featured in the series was greatly inspired by the Canadiens. The Montreal Victorias (the CH’s pre-1908 name) will be featured, and the owner will be Geoff Molson L.P. Morgan.

The name isn’t the same, but the parallel is there.

Tremblay says that the scripts have been delivered, but we still don’t know when the series will be shot or broadcast. I doubt the journalist’s morning columns for BPM Sports will present a logistical challenge, but you never know.

At nearly 79, though, it’s impressive to see him still so motivated to write on such a regular basis. We know that writing a series isn’t necessarily something that can be done in a short space of time, and the fact that he’s decided to write additional daily columns for BPM Sports shows that he’s still got it.

And at his age, he could easily decide to retire. He’s really passionate about it, I guess.

In short, we’ll see what future developments there are in connection with Le 7e, but sooner or later, we should be seeing a Réjean Tremblay series on TV again. I’m impressed, really.

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