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Les Boys: Guy Lafleur’s powerful shot nearly injures Paul Houde

When you think of field hockey movies, it’s hard not to think of the classic Les Boys series. With a quadrilogy, another film and a TV series, it has left its mark on the Quebec film and TV landscape since the late 1990s.

And as the stars of this universe reunite to mark the series’ 25th anniversary with a podcast presented by La Poche Bleue, some well-known faces took the opportunity to chat with Le Journal de Montréal about Les Boys.

Among them was Paul Houde, who recounted a funny story from the fourth film in the series: during scenes in which he had to face the Legends (a team made up of NHL greats), the actor had to stop Guy Lafleur’s shots.

And during filming, Houde admits that he came very close to injuring himself, as a real Lafleur pellet grazed his mask before ending up on the bay window.

Of course, Houde looks back on it all with a smile today, but producer Richard Goudreau had a good scare at the time.

And we understand why: Lafleur was never afraid to put the pedal to the metal, and his shot made for a legendary NHL career. I don’t think Goudreau and Houde would have been the only ones afraid, though.

Stéphane Richer’s shots also scared the goalie at times, when he wasn’t shy about going with the pedal to the floor either. And frankly, it’s great to see that these legends took the opportunity to give their all on the ice.

Might as well put on a good show, right?

A rather comical story, then, which shows that despite their age, guys like Lafleur and Richer still had a hell of a shot. These guys didn’t make it to the NHL for nothing, we agree.

At least everyone came out unscathed, and that’s the most important thing. And even though Houde was probably scared, he still had the chance to face shots from Guy Lafleur.

Not everyone can say that, after all.

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