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Several CH players are in Montreal for the LASSO Festival

Summer may be drawing to a close in Quebec, but the festival season isn’t over yet. This weekend, for example, the LASSO festival takes place in town, an event for country music fans.

Kane Brown and Chris Stapleton, two fairly popular names in the business, are the main performers in Montreal this weekend.

What we do know is that country music is quite popular in the CH dressing room. Last year, for example, Nick Suzuki and Josh Anderson attended the festival with Logan Mailloux.

And this year, the guys have once again taken the opportunity to come out in force. In addition to Suzuki and Anderson, Kaiden Guhle, Juraj Slafkovský and the Xhekaj brothers were also present.

Youppi! is also there, of course.

For those interested, Mailloux, who was there last year, doesn’t seem to be present. Perhaps he’s continuing his preparation for camp away from Montreal, or simply had something else to do.

But clearly, it’s nice to see some of the organization’s youngsters spending time in town during their vacations. We know that Guhle, Slafkovský and Xhekaj are good friends off the ice, and obviously, all three took the opportunity to attend the festival together.

Especially since Guhle and Slaf seem to be big fans of festivals.

With training camp fast approaching, we’re sure the boys will be pulling out all the stops in terms of preparation over the next few days. All these players (excluding Florian Xhekaj) seem to have their place in the NHL pretty much assured for next year’s campaign, but they’ll need to prepare if they’re going to make it to the next level this year.

And at the very least, Suzuki may be honing his DJ skills for the upcoming campaign, hehe.

Anyway. it’s great news to see the guys enjoying their vacation in town before taking part in the team’s camp. The guys really seem to want to spend time together, and more importantly, they’re developing a sense of belonging to the city.

And those are two excellent things in my eyes.

In Brief

– The Habs Fan TV guys are also at the festival.

– I wonder if he’ll be as successful this year, having scored on 27.3% of his shots last year. That’s not sustainable in the long term.

– We’re talking about a one-year contract for $1M.

– Surprise in Toronto.

– Obviously.

– A phenomenal match in Cincinnati.

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