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Mark Scheifele in Boston: an unlikely scenario
In recent months, the Winnipeg Jets have had to deal with a number of players who want to leave. Mark Scheifele and Connor Hellebuyck are among the unsatisfied customers who have yet to change address.

Pierre-Luc Dubois, who was RFA and a year away from becoming UFA, has had his wish granted. As you know, he was traded to Los Angeles with a long-term contract in his pocket.

But the others are still “taken” in Manitoba. And with a year to go before they’re independent, they’re on their last few miles in town.

The Jets no doubt worked hard this summer to see if there was a possibility of trading them. But in the absence of an official announcement, it’s safe to conclude that nothing was on the table.

Is it impossible to believe that the guys can still be traded at this point in the off-season? It’s not impossible, but payrolls are relatively full for next season. So it’s going to be tough.

The case of the Bruins speaks for itself. There were many rumours that Scheifele would go there, but with $430,000 to spend, it’s going to be difficult. Don’t expect to see him in Boston any time soon.

Although the Bruins are in dire need at center after the retirements of David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron (especially in a fierce Atlantic Division), the Jets and Bruins are not good dance partners.

After all, can you see the Jets, who still want to win in 2023-2024, taking one of the Bruins’ ugly centers in return? It doesn’t work out at first glance, then.

According to Ken Wiebe (Sportsnet), if the Bruins and Jets were to dance, it would be for Connor Hellebuyck. In such a case, the Bruins would have the ammunition to give the Jets a good goalie in return.

But we’re not talking about a center. Scheifele had better be patient… and Hellebuyck too, since the goaltending market isn’t in full swing right now.


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