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Matvei Michkov’s agent says the Russian wanted nothing to do with the Capitals and Coyotes

In the category of people who missed an opportunity to keep their mouths shut, Matvei Michkov’s agent is at the top of the list.

Speaking on a podcast in Russia, Sergei Fedotov said his client wanted nothing to do with playing for two teams: the Coyotes (we knew that) and… the Capitals. The Capitals? Really?

Considering the number of times the youngster has been linked to the Capitals, I’m very surprised by this information…

But this information should never have been revealed in the first place. Yes, we knew that Mishkov was difficult and that there were teams he didn’t want to play for, but as an agent, the goal is to protect your client, not to confirm negative rumors about him…

Once again, Fedotov got away with it.

But saying no to the Coyotes is one thing, saying no to Washington is quite another. Washington, the U.S. capital, is not a bad city. And the team isn’t stupid either. It has good players in general, but Russian players have made their mark there. Of course, there’s Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeny Kuznetsov.

Field hockey fans wanted to see the youngster with Ovi, but it’s important to note that number eight is at the end of his career. And Mishkov has a contract in Russia until 2025-2026. The two might not even have played together anyway…

In other words, the Flyers’ talented prospect (even if he’d been ignored by Philadelphia) wouldn’t have been selected by Washington (unless the team was unaware of his wishes). The Red Wings, Blues and Canucks were the next three teams on the podium.

The story could have been totally different.

Fedotov also admitted that the Ducks seriously considered taking Michkov second. Instead, they turned to Leo Carlsson, the Swede. Was Adam Fantilli “that low” on Anaheim’s list? Because, let’s say Carlsson was at number one and Michkov at number two, Fantilli, who was almost universally predicted to come out second, was at number three, minimally.

Two days before the draft, I received a call from Anaheim scout Konstantin Krylov. A videoconference took place. Anaheim was seriously considering Matvei Michkov. – Sergei Fedotov

Finally, many experts were solidly in the field in their draft predictions.

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