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Corey Perry excited to mentor Connor Bedard
On the heels of another Stanley Cup Final loss in 2021, Corey Perry has moved from the Canadiens to the Tampa Bay Lightning. The guy wanted to win another Stanley Cup, so what better way than to join the two-time champions.

Unfortunately, he and his team lost the next two years, once to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In 2023, when he still has some good field hockey ahead of him, I don’t see why his plan to win another championship would have changed. And yet, he has agreed to the terms of a one-season contract with… the Chicago Blackhawks. We all agree that he’s not going to win another trophy with them…

But hey. One of the reasons he agreed to go to Chicago is Connor Bedard, of course. In fact, he’s very excited about the opportunity to mentor the young sensation.

In recent years, Perry has been a good teacher for many young players. He has taken under his wing a large number of young players in Montreal and Tampa Bay. But in 2023, the 38-year-old will probably have his biggest mentoring task yet.

Unlike previous years, he probably won’t have the playoffs in mind (although he’ll never tell you that). One of his primary goals will be to surround Bedard, but all the other youngsters.

It’s not easy in this league, especially when there are 18-20 year-olds coming into the circuit. You have to stay calm and try to figure out where you’re going to fit in best. I just want to help them. – Corey Perry

With the addition of Nick Foligno and Taylor Hall, too, I think Kyle Davidson has done a good job (at a good price) of surrounding his young players.

Perry admits he’s been watching Bedard’s junior career closely – as everyone else has. The former Canadien thinks it’s a great time to be a Blackhawks fan.

As for his own game on the ice, Bedard believes he still has some good field hockey to offer despite his age. As part of a fourth unit with the Lightning, he amassed 25 points in 81 games.

I can’t wait to see his stats in Chicago, with probably better teammates (Bedard and Hall?) and a lot more ice time.

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