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Matvei Michkov met the Flyers in secret last Friday
The first round of the 2023 NHL Entry Draft is finally behind us. While the CH drafted David Reinbacher fifth overall, it was the Philadelphia Flyers who finally selected Russian prodigy Matvei Michkov, who was the seventh player to hear his name called at Bridgestone Arena tonight.

For the past few weeks, there had been rumors that Michkov might have preferred destinations and would potentially try to use his leverage (with the KHL) to “pick” the team that would draft him.

I think this all got a little out of hand, but…

Clearly, Michkov had been interested in the Flyers for quite some time. He met with the club officially on Monday, just as he met with the CH.

What we’re learning tonight, however, is that last Friday, Michkov also met with the Flyers, albeit a little more secretly. He visited the Flyers’ training complex in Voorhees, New Jersey, to meet the team.

More details to come…

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