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Kent Hughes: “If Reinbacher had been left-handed, we might not have wanted him so much”.

Tonight, we finally learned the identity of the Canadiens’ next top prospect: defenseman David Reinbacher was added to the team’s bank of prospects. Reinbacher was drafted fifth overall, even though Matvei Michkov was still available.

Clearly, then, the CH went for a safe pick, but also one that fills a need. Quality young right-handed defensemen aren’t a dime a dozen with the CH (Logan Mailloux and Justin Barron are the other two), and Reinbacher is immediately the best of the lot.

That said, Kent Hughes made it clear at the Combine that he wanted to select the best player available. But when you listen to him speak, you get the feeling that this wasn’t exactly what guided his choice.

In a press conference after the draft, Hughes admitted that if Reinbacher had been left-handed, he might not have been as much in the organization’s sights. Still, if he really was the best player available, it’s a problem that could have been solved, no?

More details to come…

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