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David Reinbacher: CH fans on site booed the selection
Tonight, the identity of the player who was drafted fifth overall by the Canadiens was finally revealed: defenseman David Reinbacher was the lucky winner.

Matvei Michkov was still available, but in the end, the Austrian was selected instead.

Obviously, this is a rather disappointing choice in the eyes of some since many were hoping to see the CH draft one of the top five forwards available. Michkov was the last available among the group, but there were also Ryan Leonard and Zach Benson among the quality options.

That said, the fact remains that Reinbacher has the potential to be a good defenseman on the Bettman circuit. He may never be a #1 defenseman, but he should be a solid piece in a top-4.

According to Georges Laraque, who was in Nashville tonight, the Tricolore fans on hand booed the selection.

In fact, several of them even left the arena following the announcement.

I confess I’m also in the camp of those who would really have preferred a striker like Michkov, but I have a bit of trouble with the reaction. There may be a little disappointment, but just because the CH preferred Reinbacher doesn’t mean the young man deserves to be booed.

And I suspect the booing was mostly directed at the organization, but still.

Last year, there was general consternation in the Bell Centre following the selection of Juraj Slafkovský, but the fans made sure to give him a good dose of love after the initial shock. This year, obviously, being in Nashville rather than Montreal meant that the dose of love didn’t come.

Again, Reinbacher wouldn’t have been my first choice, especially not at No. 5. That said, he’s now an organizational prospect, so rather than welcome him with boos, why not give him a little love?

Let me put it this way.

In a row

– Well-deserved.

– Maybe he was there to see Dalibor Dvorsky drafted.

– Oliver Bonk and Gabriel Perreault drafted 22nd and 23rd. They are the sons of Radek Bonk and Yanic Perreault.

– Leo Carlsson didn’t expect to be drafted second overall.

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