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Predators interested in CH’s first pick

The NHL Entry Draft doesn’t take place until Wednesday, but already the rumors are giving us something to sink our teeth into. While we wait for the end of the Pierre-Luc Dubois and Matvei Michkov files, the Predators are causing a stir because of their intentions.

According to Nashville Hockey Now reporter Michael Gallagher, the Predators have made a few calls to potentially move up in the draft.

If Barry Trotz had already targeted the first four picks, he would have turned his attention to picks 5 to 7. We know the CH should be talking fifth, so the rumor is interesting.

One thing’s for sure, the price is quite high given the quality of the draft, but if Montreal believes that the targeted player will still be available a few ranks down the line, Kent Hughes may be tempted to have a serious talk with the Predators’ GM.

The catch is that their pick is 15th overall, so the return will have to be more than enticing for Hughes to be tempted. I have a feeling it’s going to take a combination of several picks and some established young players for the discussion to get serious.

Remember that Trotz was active yesterday when he acquired Alex Galchenyuk in return for Ryan Johanson. However, he agreed to pay half of Johanson’s salary.

This personnel move freed up some space on the payroll, which may presage further changes between now and the start of the season.

The interesting thing about the arrival of Kent Hughes is that he’s playing his cards right. Rumors are flying left and right, but no one can pinpoint his real intentions until Wednesday. He could very well complete a transaction like Dach’s cell last year, or select a player at No. 5 as planned.

In brief

– Sad story.

– Nice win.

– Argos in control.

– Interesting.

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