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Erik Karlsson wants to leave San Jose as soon as possible

Erik Karlsson has made it clear in many ways: he wants to win a Stanley Cup at all costs. However, he is well aware that it won’t happen in San Jose in the next few years.

His contract is his biggest enemy, except financially of course. It’s not easy for a team to assume his $11 million annual salary, or even a portion of it.

Karlsson spoke to the media at the NHL’s individual awards ceremony, where he publicly expressed his desire not only to win a Stanley Cup, but also to be traded to make it happen. He is nominated for the Norris Trophy, awarded to the best defenseman.

He mentioned two interesting things, the first being that he wants it to be as soon as possible and the second being that there was a lot of interest and that his choice was going to be based on the team that would give him the best chance of lifting the precious trophy.

I like his confidence, but I wonder which team is going to want to absorb his salary for the next four seasons. He showed last season that he’s still capable of putting up points, but will he be able to keep up the pace?

Secondly, a possible deal must still serve the Sharks in some way, and I don’t see that happening in any way.

He added that he’s at his best when it counts, and that he may play 82 good regular-season games, but these are the most important games he wants to play.

Finally, he was asked about the Stanley Cup won by his former teammate Mark Stone, and his answer is well worth a look.

He mentioned that he’ll be attending his championship party, but won’t be touching the cup.

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– Great win.

– Pretty crazy.

– Blue Jays win at home.

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