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Draft: Blue Jackets confirm their targets

The Blue Jackets are in a very interesting draft position. Obviously, the Blackhawks and Ducks are better placed, but Columbus can’t complain either.

After all, having seen Connor Bedard head to Chicago, the Jackets will be able to choose a top-quality center. Because yes, the club wants a center, as we already know.

In a realistic scenario, Adam Fantilli will be chosen by the Ducks, leaving the choice between Will Smith and Leo Carlsson. And if the Ducks go in another direction, Fantilli will be free for the Ohio club.

And what’s interesting is that the Blue Jackets are very (too?) open about their plans. On Twitter, the club is talking a lot about the draft… and they’re even drawing up portraits of the club’s targets, who are clearly identified.

In an article published on the club’s website, we read that Bedard will (most likely) go to Chicago and that Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson, Will Smith and Matvei Michkov are among the club’s potential picks.

Between now and the end of the week, each case (not Bedard’s, but the other four) will be analyzed by the club’s website.

As I said earlier, the Blue Jackets have already said they want a center. So we can forget about Matvei Michkov, which leaves three possibilities for the future in Ohio.

And since I believe Fantilli will go to Anaheim, management will have to decide between Smith and Carlsson.

The club’s first portrait is of Carlsson. You’re free to interpret it as you wish, but I don’t mind the order in which the texts appear on their site.

More than ever, it confirms that the first four picks of the auction should be center players, leaving Michkov free at #5. And I believe he’ll be available at #6 as well.

In gusto

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– The players have their backs.

– With good reason.

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