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Mario Tremblay sells his Stanley Cup rings because his grandsons don’t want them

I don’t know the feeling, unfortunately. But winning the Stanley Cup is special.

You see it when the guys get the chance to lift the trophy. Usually, the players have a huge smile on their face, sometimes they cry with joy because it’s such a great achievement… And the feeling must be the same when they receive their Cup ring.

Mario Tremblay can boast of having lived every little ass’ s dream five times over, having won five Stanley Cups during his playing career with the CH.

We read in a Journal de Montréal article that he lost his ring in 1976, and wants to keep his ring from 1986…

But Mario Tremblay has also decided to auction off his 1977, 1978 and 1979 conquest rings because his grandsons don’t want them.

My grandsons don’t want them, so if you’re going to have them in a safety deposit box, you might as well sell them. – Mario Tremblay

Mario Tremblay explains that he wants to keep the 1986 ring because he had given it to his father, but he got it back when his father passed away.

The ring has sentimental value.

The rings currently up for auction could sell for “between $10,000 and $15,000”, according to Marc Juteau (owner of Quebec-based Classic Auctions), the man Mario Tremblay deals with for the sale of his memorabilia.

What’s his plan after selling his rings?

To spoil his children and grandchildren. A choice I greatly respect.

Originally, Mario Tremblay wanted to spoil his family with Stanley Cup rings. And now, he’s decided to spoil them with the money he’ll be able to raise by selling those rings.

It all boils down to the same thing. To his credit.


– Already!

– The Canucks have been trying to trade him for a long time.

– It would be a good choice.

– Nice win for the Jays.

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