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Henrik Lundqvist inducted into the Hall of Fame: Carey Price should be too
This afternoon, the Hockey Hall of Fame welcomed seven new members.

They are Kent Hitchcock, Tom Barasso, Mike Vernon, Henrik Lundqvist and Quebecers Caroline Ouellette, Pierre Turgeon and Pierre Lacroix.

A well-deserved honour for all these people.

In Montreal, the Hall of Fame debate is a popular one. Especially when it comes to Carey Price.

Opinions are divided, after all. Some think he’s done enough to deserve the chance to be inducted into the Hall of Fame one day…

And others, like Bertrand Raymond, believe the opposite. In fact, those who think Price doesn’t deserve his place share one argument in particular, the argument being that he has never won a Stanley Cup in his career.

Raymond, a former member of the Hall of Fame selection committee, made this point earlier today on BPM Sports:

That’s interesting. Because, in reality…

Not every current Hall of Famer has a Cup ring. Henrik Lundqvist is just one example, so the initial argument doesn’t hold water.

And, if Henrik Lundqvist was inducted for what he achieved in his career, Carey Price should be too.

After all, Price may have fewer career victories (361) than the former Ranger (459)… But Carey has won more individual trophies.

Both have a Vézina and an Olympic gold medal…

But Carey Price won a Hart Trophy. He won a gold medal at the World Junior Championship. He won the Calder Cup.

And now… Because he’s “never won”, in Bertrand Raymond’s words, he doesn’t deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Come on.

Earlier, I mentioned examples of Hall of Fame members who have never lifted the Stanley Cup…

Marcel Dionne, Adam Oates, Mike Gartner, Paul Kariya, Eric Lindros, Dino Ciccarelli, Gilbert Perreault, Jarome Iginla, Phil Housley, Pavel Bure, Roberto Luongo (to name but a few). These guys have had wonderful careers, and just because they’ve “never won” doesn’t mean they’ve been prevented from being inducted into the Hall.

I say that just the same.

In brief

– Here you go.

– I like this ranking.

– Good news for the Panthers.

– Can’t wait to see him in action.

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