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Dana White: the NHL is run by “old and stupid” people

I don’t know if you saw, but in the United States, the Stanley Cup Final went down in butter. Why was that? Probably because Vegas and Sunrise were in the final.

New York versus Denver, for example, would have been different.

All this to say that on TNT, ESPN and ABC, only 2.72 million households watched the last game. This is the worst result since 1994… when there was a regional blackout in New York.

But at least Gary must be happy to see Vegas win.

The problem is that in the U.S., soccer, basketball and baseball are ahead of the NHL – by far. What’s more, MLS will be counting on the arrival of a certain Messi in Florida, which will make the league explode (in a good way).

So, the NHL has its work cut out for it… and according to Dana White, that means a change at the top of the pyramid.

The UFC boss wasn’t afraid to assert that in his opinion, the NHL was run by people who are too old and too stupid to understand how to adapt for what’s next.

He didn’t hold back… and he didn’t buy himself a Christmas card from Gary Bettman.

To hell with them. They’re all stupid old people with no idea what’s going on. They don’t know where the younger generation is, what they’re doing or how to reach them.

It’s all a bunch of crap. – Dana White

Dana White, behind his classless vocabulary, does have a point: the NHL needs to adapt to a younger audience. It’s not necessarily doing it very well at the moment.

And the result is ratings that are… more ordinary.

In gusto

– Where will he play next year?

– A new page turns in Charlotte.

– It was expected.

– Certainly.

– It’ll still happen soon, in my opinion.

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