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A man threatened to commit a shooting at the Stanley Cup Final
June 13, 2023 was a memorable day for the city of Las Vegas. The Golden Knights won their first Stanley Cup in their six-year history.

However, this day of celebration came very close to being a nightmare. A few hours, five hours to be exact, before game five, local police arrested a man who had threatened to commit a shootout during the finals.

Matthew DeSavio, 33, was arrested, and his Facebook profile included threats of a shootout if the Knights didn’t win against the Panthers. This post was used against him in court.

(Credit: Matthew DeSavio’s Facebook)
As we know, the Knights did win, but fear had already set in among some social network users.

As he entered the police car, DeSavio was repeating that if Vegas (obviously his favorite club) didn’t win by a certain score against the opposition, he was going to repeat the October 1, 2017 shootout at Mandalay Bay. This event is a very dark one in the city’s history. Indeed, in 2017, a shooting took place and 60 people lost their lives. It was the deadliest shooting in the country’s history. Another 100 people were seriously injured.

To say that October 1, 2017 was just a preview was enough to make people fear.

In November last year, the man in his thirties was ordered by a judge to undergo a competency assessment. Four months later, he had a hearing and Judge Christy Craig admitted that the state had not given him the results of his assessment in time. His lawyer complained about this long period without news (78 days). DeSavio finally won his case and, after eight days in custody, was released in April.

But his latest social media outburst won’t help his cause, and he may be going back to prison for good this time.

In the end, there were no shootings (thankfully), the Knights won the Stanley Cup comfortably and everyone’s happy. As for DeSavio, he’s probably very happy that his team won… Next year, he’ll still be able to follow them… from his prison cell.

In Vegas, there are great stories, but there are also horrifying ones like this…


– Big win for Canada.

– To be continued.

– Tight.

– It’s clear.

– Good news.

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