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Six months ago, Alex Pietrangelo was on the verge of abandoning his career
Both on and off the ice, Alex Pietrangelo is a winner. In 2019, he won a Stanley Cup with the Blues, and a few days ago, he did the same, this time with the Vegas Golden Knights.

Both times, he was no stranger to his team’s success. During the 2023 series, the right-hander collected 10 points in 21 games. If his end-of-season performance was magical, six months ago the scenario was completely different. It was even a nightmare scenario for him and his family. He was ready to do anything to help his little daughter, who was suffering from a brain injury.

He was even ready to give up his career.

Encephalitis is a lesion that attacks the brain directly, and that’s what Evelyn Pietrangelo suffered from. She, who has twin brothers, was paralyzed for several days, and as dad, Alex was obviously very worried. He asked Kelly McCrimmon, the GM, and Bruce Cassidy, the trainer, that he would stop playing field hockey until his daughter got better. Whether it took two days or two years, he wasn’t going to get back on the ice until Evelyn recovered. This absence took place at the end of 2022, and the defenseman ended up missing nine games.

The two executives understood and even encouraged their defenseman to take some time off from the team. After all, family comes first, even if you’re paid millions of dollars.

I’m so grateful to the Knights. They supported me every step of the way. – Alex Pietrangelo

At the age of 4, Eveleyn fought against life, and now she’s in great shape. When her father won the Stanley Cup, she was the first to jump into his arms, and that’s one of the happiest moments in Alex Pietrangelo’s life. To see his little girl healthy, smiling and full of life is priceless.

What a story, and bravo to the family and doctors for their dedicated work in this situation!

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– Clearly.

– Really?

– DHop in Boston?

– Clearly.

– They dominated.

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