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Draft: David Reinbacher doesn’t expect a top-10 finish
Opinions are relatively divided when it comes to David Reinbacher.

The big defenseman, who has been linked to the CH since the organization holds the fifth overall pick in the upcoming draft, could prove particularly interesting for any team with a top-10 selection…

But the conventional wisdom is that the Habs can’t afford to pass up a forward this year, given the offensive talent to be found in the 2023 crop.

Anthony Martineau (TVA Sports), who is in Buffalo for the NHL combine, had a chance to chat with him… And, let’s put it this way, I’ve rarely seen a more humble prospect than him.

Reinbacher, as good as he is, doesn’t even expect to be selected in the top-10.

I don’t think it’s a lack of confidence though.

After all, the defender compared his style of play to Roman Josi ‘s, and that, on the one hand, shows that he’s confident in his abilities.

Like all the other prospects who will be selected in the next draft, Reinbacher has weaknesses in his game.

For those who are a little less familiar, he is said to be a defender who likes to support the attack, but who is also reliable in his zone. Some even claim that, as of today, he’s the “most complete” defenseman in the draft and the one who seems most ready to make the jump to the pros at his position.

But Reinbacher is only 18 and still has some fine-tuning to do. What he really wants to improve is his defensive game:

We’ve seen it a lot in recent years. Young players come to the combine with specific goals in mind about what they want to improve in their respective games, and it’s refreshing because it only proves how mature and well-coached they are.

It’s nice to see that the guys are taking it seriously. They don’t have much choice, anyway, with the way the NHL has changed over the last decade or so.

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