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Sale of Sens: The highest bidder withdraws

Wow. The Senators sale is starting to get a little complicated, let’s put it that way.

After Ryan Reynolds and his group pulled out of the race to acquire the Ottawa club, another investor is following suit.

Toronto billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos will no longer be involved in the process, according to the Ottawa Sun.

The reason is simple: Apostolopoulos is frustrated to see that there are no new concrete developments in the file.

This leaves only two potential buyers: Michael Andlauer’s group and Michael Kimel’s group.

Worst of all, Steve Apostolopoulos is the one who has made the biggest monetary offer. We’re talking in the region of a billion dollars, which is a lot of money.

It’s a frustrating situation for those who have submitted offers to the NHL…

But it’s even more frustrating for fans of the franchise.

After all,the club was officially put upfor sale on November 7, and four weeks have passed (already) since bids were submitted by the various groups interested in acquiring the organization .

That leaves a lot of uncertainty about what’s next, and I can’t imagine that’s a good thing in view of the opening of the free-agent market on November 1.

As noted in the article above, Michael Andlauer, who is also a minority owner of the Montreal Canadiens, seems very interested in acquiring the Ottawa franchise. The offer he tabled went as high as $900 million, but it seems he’s still looking for new investors to bring even more money into the project.

All of which is to say that the case for selling the Sens, well…

It seems to be very complicated to manage.

In bursts

– If he’s at peace with his decision, that’s all that matters.

– No worse for wear!

– Nice little ranking.

– It’s obviously working!

– Enjoy your reading.

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