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Ethan Gauthier sees himself in a disturbing duet with Josh Anderson

Ethan Gauthier is likely to be the first Quebecer to hear his name called at the draft in three weeks’ time. The young man, who is Denis’ son, is an interesting prospect.

We know that the CH, at one point, had him in its sights. We also know that he met the Flanelle this week at the combine.

One of the main points of his candidacy is his ability to play robustly. He may not be the tallest player (5’11), but he comes from a family where playing softly is not an option.

Go hard or go home, basically.

After meeting with the Canadiens, the young man spoke to the media. We saw several interviews this week from the man who grew up in an NHL environment because of his father’s work.

That’s got to be an advantage, right?

But if there’s one aspect in particular that sticks out in my mind, it’s the fact that his physical game can mix with a certain arrogance on the ice – in a good way.

Basically, the young man likes to disturb.

And as Anthony Martineau reports, the NHL prospect says that if he were drafted by the Habs, which he’d love to be, he might be able to form a good duo to disrupt the opposition.

On paper, it’s true that it would be very interesting. After all, when a guy says he’s ready to hit the Tkachuk, it’s because he’s hungry.

We all agree that if a player has talent and dog, it helps a field hockey team win games and become “hard to play against” on the ice throughout a season.

And that’s even if John Scott would surely find Gauthier too small for the club’s core .


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