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Kyle Dubas, Auston Matthews and their agent under review by the NHL
Lately, the Leafs have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Yes, again.

In fact, the whole situation surrounding Kyle Dubas’ dismissal is still a bit hazy. Brendan Shanahan doesn’t seem to want to tell the whole story about what really happened, and that’s getting people talking.

And now, another “controversy” could descend on the organization as well as the team’s former GM.

Frank Seravalli reported earlier today that the NHL Players’ Association is currently examining the relationship between Dubas and his agent. Why is this?

Because that same agent, Chris Armstrong, also represents Auston Matthews.

Do you see the conflict of interest this creates?

The case is a little complicated, however.

In fact, it’s an unusual situation because Chris Armstrong is not an NHL-certified agent.

It’s a little different becauseNHLPA certified agent rules prohibit agents from representing and providing services to any officer or employee of an NHL club

But, since Armstrong isn’t a certified agent, he‘s primarily a golf agent, so he can’t be punished by the NHL Players’ Association .

As Seravalli explains in the text above, it’s difficult to have any indication of possible sanctions, and even if there are, they may never come to light.

When you think about it, it’s true that having Matthews and Dubas represented by the same agent is a bit suspicious. But… on the other side of the coin, Armstrong’s job is to make sure his clients sign contracts at fair value, whether in field hockey or elsewhere. No?

We can expect the file to continue to develop over the next few days, and I imagine we’ll have the opportunity to hear more about all this.

Because, yes, it’s still interesting.

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– Sick.

– Who’s winning tonight?

– Another tough series for the Jays.

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