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Toronto journalist criticizes TVA Sports and Francophones

Following his team’s elimination in four games against the Florida Panthers, Rod Brind’Amour defended his boys, saying that the result of the series could have been different.

Basically, it’s true that the games were close and that they could have gone either way.

Sportsnet reporter Steve Dangle picked up on his quote on Twitter, saying that if Sheldon Keefe had given a similar speech in Toronto, people would be hearing about it for a very long time.

But by the same token, the man himself decided to criticize the TVA Sports channel, saying that it would have had an hour-long discussion on the subject with experts “saying 3-4 French words between laughter and tears”, as if nothing was ever taken seriously .

It’s an arrow directly aimed not only at TVA Sports, but also at French speakers.

What’s the point of making comments like that? And where does it all come from?

It’s obvious that the relationship between the French-language and English-language media isn’t perfect. Back in 2020, a TSN journalist by the name of J.D. Burke criticized francophones by saying that “French Canadians are the worst racists of all the francophones in the world”.

But even if there are certain differences between the two worlds, that’s no excuse to head to Twitter and criticize a competitive medium.

Because in reality, it’s Steve Dangle who’s looking a bit crazy at the moment.

And, again, there’s absolutely no point. Clearly, Dangle should have saved himself a little embarrassment.

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