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Sean Farrell: A university economics exam in the middle of a world championship

It’s often forgotten that even if an NCAA-educated player makes his NHL debut in April, following his school’s elimination from the rink, the school term doesn’t magically come to an end.

At this point in the year, it’s crucial for these youngsters to finish their work so as not to lose a full semester in an academic path they may one day want to pursue.

Cale Makar’s story in 2019 was well publicized. Having trouble finishing your homework when you’re playing big minutes in the Stanley Cup playoffs is a good excuse.

Although the stakes aren’t as high at the World Championship, young Canadian forward Sean Farrell is currently completing his second year at Harvard University.

In other words, Farrell has finished his school term at the same time as representing the United States on the international stage… in a different time zone!

In an interview after the Americans’ last game, the CH prospect revealed that he had completed an economics final in the last few days.

A 7-hour time difference, morning training sessions, evening games… It’s hard to imagine how Farrell managed to reconcile an international field hockey tournament with his studies at one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Nevertheless, he did it, and can now concentrate on the rest of the tournament.

In fact, he scored his first goal of the tournament yesterday.


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