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Montreal has the smallest payroll in MLS… and Toronto the biggest

Comparisons between Toronto and Montreal will never cease in Quebec. There’s certainly a certain jealousy when it comes to NBA and MLB teams nesting in the Six.

If the Habs and Leafs have a similar market in field hockey, then comparisons are often made to soccer.

Today, the headline is jubilant for Toronto:

Toronto FC has the largest payroll in MLS ($25.7m), while Montreal CF has the smallest ($10.5m).

But that doesn’t mean the subtitle is.

CF Montreal beat Toronto FC twice last week, eliminating their Canadian championship rivals and taking the lead in the overall MLS standings.

In fact, Toronto’s two Italian stars, Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi, earn more than Montreal’s entire payroll, just under $13.4 million.

Money doesn’t buy championships in MLS. Is it even legitimate to wonder what Montreal CF could do with a purchasing power similar to Toronto FC’s, given that its spending strategy would certainly not be the same?

Nevertheless, Toronto has the power to bring stars to Montreal, which would certainly help grow the sport in the Quebec metropolis.

For now, we have to make do with a “well-built” team that must exceed expectations through line-up construction and development.

On the move

– Still in MLS.

– Bobrovsky changed the series, for him.

– Promotion at the Kings.

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