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Senators purchase: Snoop Dogg confirms it’s not a joke
Snoop Dogg wants to buy the Senators. The news may seem funny at first, but Snoop Dogg confirmed his intentions to Ian Mendes of The Athletic.

“It’s not a joke or a way to improve my image. Snoop’s gonna put his foot in it.” – Snoop Dogg via The Athletic

The field hockey world learned on Monday that Snoop Dogg was planning to buy the Senators. Many people were surprised, but it makes sense. Snoop Dogg is a big field hockey fan. He has often been spotted around the Los Angeles Kings, where he has enjoyed being a commentator for a day.

The rapper believes there’s a certain connection between himself and the Ottawa Senators. He still has his Ray Emery jersey from the 2007 Stanley Cup Final, and even has a photo of himself, hanging in his gym, wearing an Erik Karlsson jersey during the Winter Classic.

Snoop loves Ottawa, because he’s always been welcomed here. So he wants to bring something new to the place.

According to him, if he gets his hands on the team with Neko Sparks, he’ll become an “activist” in the city. He wants to reconnect the Senators with the city of Ottawa and its citizens. He wants there to be a certain closeness.

Snoop Dogg has been following field hockey since the 80s. He went to see Marcel Dionne and the Los Angeles Kings play and fell in love with the game. Almost 40 years later, he could be tied to the NHL for good by buying the Ottawa Senators.

But he’ll have to beat Ryan Reynolds and his group to the Senators.

In gusto

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