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Flames players hated the environment created by Darryl Sutter

With the loss of Matthew Tkachuck and Johnny Gaudreau after the 2021-22 season, the Calgary Flames were expected to undergo many changes. However, we didn’t expect to see them fall from 6th to 16th place in the NHL. A clean sweep was in order. General manager Brad Treliving left the team a few weeks ago, and head coach Darryl Sutter was fired.

Treliving’s departure was mutual, according to President of Hockey Operations and Interim General Manager Don Maloney. Firing Sutter, however, was an entirely Flames decision.

Maloney explained in a press conference on Monday that Sutter’s departure was necessary for the team, as his style no longer fit in with the team’s style. Obviously, we can read between the lines and understand that, even if he had an excellent NHL career, Sutter no longer has a style that fits with the new players.

Maloney even took the time to confirm that the team needs a breath of fresh air to bring a new atmosphere to the dressing room, on the ice and in the arena.

Sportsnet’s Eric Francis confirmed the assumption of many: the players didn’t like being led by Darryl Sutter.

“The players simply hated going to the rink, where Sutter liked it tense, heavy and unpredictable. Sutter built a culture of fear.” – Eric Francis

Sutter is an old hand, his techniques have worked for a long time, but the game has changed. His very defensive strategy can be good at times, but often gets destroyed by the NHL’s best offenses. On top of that, it prevents his team’s offensive talents from standing out and producing points.

This was evident in Jonathan Huberdeau’s slump. The Quebecer went from producing 115 points in 2021-22 to 55 points in 2022-23. This is the worst drop in production in history.

Don Maloney has confirmed that he will hire a general manager first, who will choose the team’s future coach. It’s a safe bet that it will be a young general manager, as he often hinted at renewal during his press conference on Monday.

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