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Two players ejected, DG suspended… Heavy consequences for the Niagara IceDogs
Huge bombshell in the world of junior field hockey.

The Niagara IceDogs have been penalized on a massive scale because two of their players (Joshua Rosenzweig and Landon Cato) allegedly violated the league’s anti-harassment policy and code of conduct.

Cato and Rosenzweig violated both the league’s player abuse policy, physical abuse policy and code of conduct.

The report also revealed that Darren DeDobbelaer, who also owns the team, failed to maintain the confidentiality of the investigation, as required by the OHL.

The result of their actions?

  • Both players are expelled from the Ontario league.
  • The IceDogs must forget about their first-round pick in 2024
  • Organization fined $100,000
  • GM and team owner Darren DeDobbelaer suspended immediately until June 1, 2025

No, the Ontario Junior League is not messing around with this kind of story, and all the better for it.

The league is setting an example for other junior leagues across the country. Bullying and harassment, in all its forms…

No way.

An OHL press release states that theinvestigator in charge of the case interviewed some 15 people (former players, coaches, staff members) over a period of several months to come to a decision .

I’m glad to see the OHL is taking this very seriously.

After all, it’s 2023… and anything that has to do with harassment and bullying shouldn’t be accepted in our society.

On the one hand, it’s a shame for the two youngsters in question, because they won’t have the privilege of developing in junior…

But above all, it’s a fine lesson in humility. They did something unacceptable and now they’ll have to pay for it.

In gusts

– My goodness. Brings back memories.

– I get it!

– A new partnership for the Golden Knights.

– I disagree!

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