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New details emerge in the Valeri Nichushkin story

For the past few days, there has been radio silence on the Valeri Nichushkin case. We recently told you abouta woman who was found in his room by a member of the organization… And now we have more details.

In a Seattle Times article, we read that it was an Avalanche employee who called 911 to come to the aid of the woman in question…

Because the employee in question suspected that the lady “had probably overdosed on alcohol or something got mixed up in her drink”.


Said employee wouldn’t confirm his identity, but police records indicated that the one who called the police was Avalanche team doctor Dr. Bradley Changstrom, who was accompanying the team on the road at the time.

It’s a big deal. In fact, it’s a serious accusation…

And it would explain why Nichushkin had to leave the team quickly and why the Colorado organization wouldn’t comment on the events at this time.

In fact, it’s the player who could quickly be in trouble if the story turns out to be true. The Russian must be biting his fingers, having signed an eight-year, $49 million contract just last summer.

Remember that Frank Seravalli had originally linked the story to a possible alcohol problem. All indications are that the Daily Faceoff informant was right about his doubts…

But he hadn’t exactly pinpointed the story’s main problem. It fits, though.

Now, it will be interesting to see what happens next with the case. With the Avalanche now eliminated, I can’t wait to see if management decides to bring it up at the team’s next review.

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