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Oilers: Criticism because Draisaitl wasn’t one of the three stars last night
The Golden Knights were able to win the first game of their series against the Edmonton Oilers. The story of the game?

Leon Draisaitl… and his four-goal performance.

He stole the show even though his club lost, just as Joe Pavelski and the Stars did the day before. But it seems the German didn’t do enough to earn a place among the three stars of last night’s game.

Ivan Barbashev (two goals), Chandler Stephenson (one goal) and Mark Stone (one goal and one assist) were selected (in order) for the game’s three stars. It’s worth noting that the game was played in Vegas, and that it’s the local media who choose the identity of the three stars…

And it was for this very reason that some people began to cry foul on Twitter.

Even the official Oilers account took the opportunity to tweet about the whole thing:

What can I say…

Seriously, who cares about three stars in a game? Especially when the game in question is in the playoffs.

I mean, come on! As if the organization should care after losing a playoff game… And as if that was the Oilers’ biggest problem last night.

Draisaitl may be scoring four goals a game, but the Oilers won’t win if their goalies are giving up six goals every night.

At the moment, it’s mostly the Oilers who look a little crazy thinking about such nonsense after losing the first game of the second elimination round. It’s the timing that leaves something to be desired…

I don’t think Connor McDavid was upset that his boyfriend wasn’t selected as one of the three stars last night. No, in fact…

I’m pretty sure the team captain didn’t even think about it for a second.

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– Speaking of McDavid.

– Yes, yes and yes again.

– Love this.

– Coming from him, I’m not surprised. He’s fearless, Charles Jourdain!

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