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Leafs fan caught dipping licorice into mayo jar

Ark. That’s exactly the reaction I had when I saw this video on my Instagram feed. Last night, the Leafs hosted the Lightning for the second game of the series between the two teams. As usual, there were fans gathered outside the building before the game, in particular to listen to the comments of the various panels of experts often found at playoff games in big markets… And, one of them was caught red-handed eating a nice licorice dipped in mayonnaise.Hmmmm! You’ll understand that the images of the fan in question made the rounds on the web. And rightly so!

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I’m not a real-life chef, but it seems to me that this mix isn’t very popular. In fact, I hope it isn’t, because from the looks of it, it really is quite disgusting.The supporter, however, seems to be living his best life. He doesn’t look like a guy who’s disgusted by his experience, on the contrary. He really gives the impression that this isn’t the first time he’s eaten this superb combination of nutritious foods, which makes the whole thing even wackier. To each his own, we agree. But… in the end, it’s very special. I don’t want to be a hater, but let’s just say I’d say no if someone wanted me to try this beautiful blend.

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– The veteran is not yet fit to return to the game.

– I’m inclined to agree, but


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