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David Ettedgui’s turn to tie David Reinbacher to CH

On May 8 (probably during the second intermission of one of the playoff games), Bill Daly will reveal the winner of the Connor Bedard derby. With an 8.5% chance of drafting the young sensation, Montreal is in the running, but its chances are slim. Positions five, six and seven are much more attainable. And with the Panthers’ pick, barring a surprise, Kent Hughes can expect to draft 17th, which is too far away to draft a certain David Reinbacher, an Austrian right-handed defenseman who collected 22 points in 46 games this year in Switzerland. Why am I telling you about him? Because a month ago, Brian Wilde stated that he believed he was a player targeted by Montreal management. Today, it was David Ettedgui’s turn to link his name to the CH. Two informants who think the same thing: it can’t be a coincidence.

As I just mentioned, the Panthers’ pick is too far away and the CH’s pick is too high to select. According to the mock drafts, Reinbacher, the best defenseman in the draft, would come in between 10th and 15th. Unless there’s a surprise, the defenseman won’t slip through Hughes’ hands at No. 17. We still don’t know what the CH GM will do with the Panthers’ pick, however. We know that Montreal wants to be competitive as soon as possible, and that’s why another Kirby Dach-style deal is a possibility. Even if the CH pick is a guaranteed top-7 pick, I wonder if Hughes would risk drafting him if he drafted seventh. The team has a 14.2% chance of drafting at that position, and right-handed defensemen in the lineup aren’t too much to ask.

In Brief

– Game one isn’t the problem; game seven is.

– Great news.

– Finally.

– Ah, the damned Rocket!

– Well done.

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