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Joel Farabee “has the tools to interest the Habs,” says Marc Antoine Godin
Credit: Photo by Jason Mowry/Getty Images
Flyers fans were delighted to learn earlier this week that Matvei Michkov could be joining the team next season.

We weren’t expecting him so soon, after all…

Because he’s under contract with SKA St. Petersburg until the end of the 2025-2026 season.

Daniel Brière said there would be changes this summer because the club in Philly is rebuilding.

That said, Marc Antoine Godin said in the latest episode of the “Tellement hockey” podcast that Mishkov’s arrival could have a domino effect, bringing a guy like Travis Konecny or Joel Farabee onto the trade market.

The journalist talked mainly about Farabee… Because, in his eyes, the American could appeal to Kent Hughes because of his style of play:

Joel Farabee is a guy who, in my opinion, has the tools to interest the Habs if they want to make a trade. – Marc Antoine Godin

It’s true that Farabee fits in with what the Habs are looking for.

We’re talking about a six-foot, 186-pound left-handed forward… But above all, we’re talking about a forward who can produce offensively.

He finished last season with 50 points (22 goals), after all :

(Credit: Hockey DB)

Farabee can score goals, he’s only 24 (which fits in with the rebuild) and he has what it takes to play on a top-6 team in the National League.

A top-6 that looked like this would start to look pretty good:

  • Slaf – Suzuki – Caufield
  • Farabee – Dach – Newhook

That said, the main player commands an annual salary of $5 million… and his contract expires at the end of the 27-28 season.

Is this too much for Kent Hughes?

The Canadiens’ GM wants to build his club with young players who can be part of the long-term solution.

Joel Farabee seems well suited to this vision… But at what price?

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