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Sean Couturier opens up: he doesn’t like the way John Tortorella treats him
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You may have seen the news, but Sean Couturier won’t be playing tonight. The (new) Flyers captain isn’t injured, but just a few weeks after receiving the “C” on his jersey, he’s already at the heart of a story of this kind.

We knew it was bad, but we didn’t know it was that bad.

What’s fascinating is that the player is actually healthy. He and Cam Atkinson won’t be playing tonight, and GM Daniel Brière supports his coach’s decision.

By necessity, because he’s healthy, Couturier is not a satisfied customer. And he’s obviously not afraid to say so loud and clear in front of the press.

Why do I say this?

Because when Couturier was questioned by the media, he said he was working hard on his game , even if the results weren’t there.

And that’s when he added this:

It’s frustrating to see the way I’ve been treated here lately. But that’s the way it is. – Sean Couturier

The good thing about this quote is that you don’t even have to read between the lines to see his frustration. After all, his words are clear enough.

I don’t know if going to war with Torts is a good idea. After all, the Frenchman has just been named captain, and the Flyers pilot has a reputation for having a temper.

But on the other hand, the head coach likes to generate frustration in his players…

Perhaps Couturier is sending a message on behalf of the dressing room… or maybe he just feels that, with his state of health, he has nothing to lose? Who knows where the truth lies?

In gusto

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