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Kirby Dach and Christian Dvorak make the trip west
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Tomorrow evening, the Canadian begins a journey that is not always easy in Western Canada.

On Saturday, it will be in Calgary, on Tuesday in Edmonton and on Thursday in Vancouver.

The boys wrap up their trip a few days later with duels against the Kraken and the Avalanche. Big trip ahead.

Kirby Dach and Christian Dvorak have boarded the plane with their teammates in preparation for this long, ten-day tour of opposing rinks.

In the Canadian publication below, the two forwards can be seen getting off the plane.

No, they won’t be playing on this trip. Their return to action hasn’t been moved up; they’ll still miss the rest of the 2023-2024 season.

But it’s always tough for a player on the sidelines to have to watch games from the bridge and not necessarily travel with the team on one- or two-game trips.

But here, Montreal is out west for several days, and the injured players will still be able to be with their team-mates. It’s always important to have good chemistry within a team, and away trips are certainly very important for growing that chemistry.

As Georges Laraque said on Maxime Truman and Jean Trudel ‘s latest Stanley25 podcast: to win, a hockey team has to be as close-knit as a family.


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