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According to Mathias Brunet, the Canadiens are missing two key defensemen
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Ahh, development…

Since Martin St-Louis took over in 2022, it’s been a buzzword. And that’s a good thing, given that winning games isn’t exactly easy, let’s face it.

And development isn’t just for his players, either.

Of course, we know that there’s still a long way to go, not only in developing the youngsters who are in place, but also in adding pieces to the chessboard for what’s to come.

It’s going to take a mix of both to keep progressing… and you can feel it in Mathias Brunet’s column.

Yesterday, on BPM Sports, the journalist talked about the state of the Habs in general. And in his eyes, there are a few things missing. One of these is a forward who can bring some offense…

And the other two? Two defensemen.

The key, the real key, is defensively.

The Canadiens are going to need a big right-handed defenseman and a top-notch offensive defenseman. And the foundation will be if Reinbacher and Hutson develop to their full potential. Then we’ll be able to talk. – Mathias Brunet

Of course, as Brunet himself mentioned, David Reinbacher and Lane Hutson fit the mold. If they can develop properly, it could make a big difference.

After all, just because the club has Arber Xhekaj, Jordan Harris, Justin Barron, Adam Engstrom or William Trudeau doesn’t mean the top of the defensive pyramid is complete. #QualityVersusQuantity

Without an offensive engine and a defensive pillar on the right, it’s clear that the future on the blue line would be less interesting. But at least the Habs have the right resources on hand.

All that remains is to use them well.

In bursts

– Of course.

– With good reason.

– Of note.

– Kent Hughes is doing a great job. [LPB]

– He’s not playing badly.

– Certainly.

– Ouch.

– With good reason.

– Interested?

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