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Juraj Slafkovsky is the best 19-year-old in the world
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As we’ve been saying for several months now, the most important thing for the Canadiens this year is to develop…

Progress, both individually and collectively.

Looking at the overall standings, the Habs have 56 points in 62 games so far this campaign. March 4, 2023? The Habs had 56 points in 61 games, one more than at the same time this year.

It’s hard to conclude that the club has made much progress…

Instead of playing meaningful games in the standings in their last 20 games, the Habs will be playing games whose only significance will be in relation to the draft lottery.

But there are two guys who have progressed this season. Two forwards: Nick Suzuki and Juraj Slafkovsky. The former could end the season averaging a point per game, something Montreal hasn’t done in years. The second? He has 31 points, 21 more than last year.

No, Slafkovsky is not suffering from second-year jinx. Quite the contrary, in fact!

Okay, he’s only picked up one point in his last six games, but before that, he was on a 12-point streak in eight games.

Even one of the bosses of the Journal ‘s Sports section had to admit defeat, writing this weekend that Slaf had shut his trap.

Antoine Roussel went even further on 98.5 FM last night, suggesting that in a few years, Slafkovsky could be in the same league as Mikko Rantanen, a 6’4 forward who has been producing at a rate of 100 points per season for the past three years.

Roussel sees the Slovak forward producing 80 points per season… maybe more? The excerpt is available in its entirety HERE.

Stéphane Waite added that, right now, no 19-year-old is better than Slafkovsky. Nothing less!

Connor Bedard is 18 and the former Habs goaltending coach chose his words well, hehe.

Still, if I look at the list of players drafted in 2022, I have to agree with Waite: right now, Slafkovsky is the best player of his vintage.

And that was his goal (and the habs’) when Slaf ‘s name was called in the first round.

No, Slafkovsky may not become a generational player, and yes, the Habs would have been better off winning the lottery a year later, but at the rate things are going right now, the Habs have one of the NHL’s best big-play forwards in their organization. And he’s only 19…

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– Finally! We should be able to lose in regular time tonight in Nashville and therefore not add point(s) to the standings. #Lottery

– The Habs won’t be trading Arber Xhekaj. Not right away, at least…

– Montreal CF decided to train outside today. I must find my winter coat…

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