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February goals: Nick Suzuki second in the league (behind Auston Matthews)
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Over the past few games, the Canadiens’ top line has been struggling. Juraj Slafkovsky is taking unnecessary penalties, which doesn’t exactly make his coach happy.

And with good reason.

As for Cole Caufield, it’s clear that in games where he can’t find the back of the net, it’s more difficult. He’s less useful on the ice than, say, other players.

But if there’s one thing we can’t do, it’s put Nick Suzuki in that category. After all, he’s so good at 200 feet that he can do himself justice even when he’s not scoring.

And even though his trio mates have been less dominant in recent games, that doesn’t stop him from finding the back of the net quite regularly.

In fact, in the month of February, he has ten goals in as many games. And there’s still a game to play tomorrow…

Do you know how many players in the NHL currently have ten goals in the month of February? Two: Auston Matthews, who has 12, and the Canadiens’ captain. Nothing less.


All players with at least eight goals during the month have played more games than Suzuki. Remember that the Canadiens, like many other teams, had a week off before the All-Star break.

In all, Suzuki has 14 points this month, including just four assists. Sounds like we’re talking about Cole Caufield here…

(Credit: ESPN)

Let’s not forget that it’s without Sean Monahan that the captain manages to maintain such stats. I know they weren’t playing on the same trio, but they were together on the power play, anyway.

More importantly, being left-handed, he took on certain responsibilities on the Habs’ center line. So Suzuki’s role has increased… and he’s responding well.

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