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The happiest day in Chris Chelios’ life: when he left Montreal
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Last night in Chicago, Chris Chelios had his number retired. The Chicago native received a fitting tribute from the club for which he was captain for several years.

When you look at the pictures of the ceremony, you can see that the people there had a great time. Chelios was an NHL great and his impact in the Windy City was significant.

That was certainly recognized yesterday.

For Canadiens fans, Chelios brings back old memories. We remember the fact that Denis Savard arrived in return for Chelios’ services, but Savard wasn’t as dominant as he used to be, let’s say.

And yesterday, Chelios indirectly referred to the Canadiens, the club that traded him to Chicago.

The day I was traded to the Blackhawks was the happiest day of my life. – Chris Chelios

I don’t think this was meant to be a jab at the Habs per se, but the fact remains that the day he left Montreal was the happiest day of his life.

Understandably, coming home is the happiest day of his life. Even if he loses his lover in the process…

The magic of last night was the fact that Patrick Kane was on hand. The Hawks were taking on the Detroit Red Wings in their game of the day.

The Wings are not only Chelios’ former club, but also Patrick Kane’s current club.

Chelios didn’t forget to point out that the Wings forward was possibly the best American player in history, which sent the crowd in Chicago into a frenzy.

Chelios’ #7 removed… Kane back in town… the fans on hand (finally) got their money’s worth yesterday.

Patrick Kane, who doesn’t know if he’ll ever return to Chicago to play for “his” club, still took the opportunity to score in overtime during the match.

And while it was “weird to be on the other side” for him, he still had the crowd on his side. I hear the club’s going nowhere, but that says a lot about his impact in Chicago, anyway.

The atmosphere was festive in Chicago yesterday, which has been a rarity in recent years. Aside from Connor Bedard’s arrival in town, let’s just say that good news has been rare for the controversial Hawks in recent years.

At least there was all that… and Cindy Crawford making Josh Anderson jealous. I guess.

In gusto

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