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Craig Button: “The best fit for Trevor Zegras is Montreal”.
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There’s been a lot of talk about Trevor Zegras in recent weeks. The forward no longer seems to be in Anaheim’s plans for the future, and when an (extremely) talented 22-year-old forward becomes visibly available on the trade market, it’s often the talk of the town.

Last summer, contract negotiations between Zegras and the Ducks were long and arduous. This seems to have been one of the first dominoes that led to this curious situation in Anaheim.

Obviously, with the Habs in need of a talented forward, the Ducks’ young center is bound to be a target that makes sense for Kent Hughes. Add to that the fact that he’s one of Cole Caufield’s best friends, and there’s a lot to link Zegras and the Habs.

Thinking of him in Montreal is one thing… but when he makes noise outside the city, it adds fuel to the fire…

And today, on That’s Hockey, it was Craig Button’s turn to say that, in his opinion, the best fit for Zegras is the Habs.

He’s obviously not the first to make the connection, but that said, he goes further than just linking the two parties:

“The last time I heard the ‘you can’t win with him’ speech was with Jack Eichel. […] Like Eichel, I think Trevor Zegras can single-handedly change the direction of a franchise. – Craig Button

So, according to Button, he would be the potential “Jack Eichel of the Habs” if it ever came to fruition.

Button explains that, at the moment, Zegras’ value is at an all-time low due to injuries. That said, he insists that Zegras was very solid with a bad club in Anaheim last year and that he’s much better than what we’re seeing right now.

And with the Habs having a ton of prospects and draft picks, there’s definitely a way to find common ground. The question is, how much is Kent Hughes willing to pay for a guy who could energize his forward group?

Of course, the question of individualism and the fact that he’s supposedly a “bad influence in the dressing room” is causing some to hesitate, but in Tony Marinaro’s eyes, all that is grossly exaggerated: according to Marinaro, Zegras is (really) not the problem with the Ducks.

We’ll see how things turn out, but again and again, the Habs are among the teams deemed logical should Zegras ever be traded by the Ducks.

With Cole Caufield, Nick Suzuki, Juraj Slafkovský and Kirby Dach, the addition of Zegras would start to make for one hell of an offensive top-6, wouldn’t it?

In bursts

– I love seeing him offer a few words of French to the Montreal fans on hand.

– It seems to me that we’re comparing an apple and an orange here…

– What do you think?

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