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Pierre LeBrun: The Devils are aggressive on the market and looking for a goalie
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The deal to send Elias Lindholm to Vancouver changes a lot of things.

The reason is simple. Sean Monahan has become the number-one target for teams looking to improve at center, and this should indirectly help the Habs get a good price for the veteran.

Monahan’s name is popular right now, and so it should be. But he’s not the only one likely to change addresses around the league, after all.

Pierre LeBrun reported on a few rumours in a recent article, and focused on the goaltending situation in New Jersey.

The Devils are seven points out of the playoffs and still have 35 games to play between now and the end of the regular schedule. What I mean by that is, they’ve got plenty of time to get their bearings.

That said, it’s hard to win games in the National Hockey League when your cherubs aren’t doing the job. Vitek Vanecek, Nico Daws and Akira Schmid have been decent so far this season, but nothing more…

And if the Devils have the talent to go far in the playoffs, Pierre LeBrun sees the team trading for a goaltender between now and March 8.

In fact, LeBrun reported in his piece that the Devils are currently aggressive on the market to find a solution:

There’s a good chance the Devils will make a goalie trade before trading for a defenseman, from what I can gather. League sources say they’re still calling for a goalie. – Pierre LeBrun

Pierre LeBrun goes on to write that he doesn’t expect the Devils to trade for a rental goaltender… And wonders if there might be a “fit” for Jacob Markström in New Jersey.

The goalie has a $6M cap hit and his contract expires at the end of the 25-26 season. That’s a lot, we agree, but the Devils have a current cap space of over $9M because Dougie Hamilton is on the long-term injury list.

You probably know where I’m going with this.

Jacob Markstrom may turn out to be a nice solution, but if the Devils want a goalie who’s going to cost less and whose contract isn’t as big, there’s Jake Allen in Montreal who’s available.

After all, we’re talking about two goalies with a lot of experience and almost identical stats since the start of their respective careers:

  • 464 career games for Markstrom, .910 save percentage and 2.71 goals-against average
  • 412 career games for Allen, .908 save percentage and 2.73 goals-against average.

I’d never taken the time to compare the stats of the two goalkeepers… But I have to admit, it’s so striking that they’re so similar.

The difference is that Jake Allen has a Stanley Cup ring, and he knows how to go the distance because of his experience. That might make him a little more attractive.

I can’t wait to see what the Devils do between now and the trade deadline. They’re not supposed to be this far down the standings… But Jack Hughes has missed games this season (injuries) and it’s really shown on the team’s overall performance.

In bursts

– Ah well.

– All the better.

– Maveric Lamoureux has mononucleosis.

– He won and that’s what’s important.

– You’ve got to do it!

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