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Although healthy, Matvei Michkov has been overlooked in the KHL
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Things have been looking up for Matvei Michkov since he was loaned out to Sochi HC. The Flyers prospect, who will one day be playing alongside Cutter Gauthier, has collected 33 points in 38 games.

For an 18-year-old in a men’s league, that’s an excellent result.

That said, every time the young man does… something, he’s the talk of the town. Is it because his attitude isn’t always exemplary, according to what’s going around?

And now, at noon, a piece of news about him has set tongues wagging.

The Sochi club has confirmed that Mishkov has been dropped by his club… even though he’s considered a healthy player at the moment. And let’s just say it doesn’t look good.

The fact that he was -4 in his last game, when he wasn’t doing the dirty work defensively, is arguably a reason for his absence from today’s game.

You may have seven points in your last seven games, but…

That said, there’s a nuance to this. As Mathias Brunet points out, Michkov is recently recovering from pneumonia. Is he at 100% at the moment?

Who knows.

Maybe he’s not fit enough to play to his full potential and isn’t worth putting on the injured list for that reason. It’s an important question to ask.

Having said that, if it were Connor Bedard in such a situation, we’d know that it’s because of his state of health that he’d find himself in such a situation, wouldn’t we?

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