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Sean Monahan: Pierre LeBrun’s turn to talk about a first-round pick
Be patient, the trade deadline is just over five weeks away (March 8).

By then, rumours about Sean Monahan will be flying everywhere, of course. We’ve already talked a lot about this issue today, but at Insider Trading , Pierre LeBrun revealed some interesting new information.

Will Sean Monahan bring back a first-round pick? Maybe. The tipster mentioned that the team personnel he spoke to are very pleased with his meagre annual salary ($1.985 million). Ultimately, this may be the aspect that brings the Habs a first-round pick.

And by March 8, there won’t be that much money left to pay him…

Because, yes, his case may not be resolved until the last minute. According to LeBrun, his situation is directly linked to that of Elias Lindholm of the Calgary Flames. Kent Hughes therefore has a vested interest in ensuring that his counterpart in Alberta asks for (and receives) the moon in return for Lindholm’s services.

Our colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois put in a good word for us this morning.

The informant, who believes Monahan will be traded, unlike others, is of the same opinion and doesn’t think the Monahan file will be settled in the next few days. It’ll happen in the next few weeks, unfortunately for the more impatient among us.

LeBrun also mentioned that the Canadiens could make Monahan even more attractive by withholding part of his salary.

That said, Hughes would be using his third salary retention in 2023-2024, depriving him of this tool until July 1. He wouldn’t be able to trade a Jake Allen or similar player until July at 50% of his contract. And before July, there’s the draft.

As for offers in the Monahan file, there haven’t been any. At least, the Habs haven’t had any serious offers yet. However, teams are calling the Habs GM and telling him they want in on the Mony derby. Presumably, Chris Drury isn’t one of them…

One thing’s for sure, Monahan, who not only has a good annual salary, but also a good offensive and defensive contribution, will be the talk of the town in the coming days and weeks. Will he bring back (another) top-32 pick for Kent Hughes? That seems to be the main question right now.

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