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Martin St-Louis: “I’d spend my last day on Earth on a Saturday night at the Bell Centre”.

Tonight, the Canadiens are in action against the Edmonton Oilers. Of course, it will be a chance to see the NHL’s best player in Mitchell Stephens Connor McDavid, but for Montreal fans, it will also be a chance to see Joshua Roy give his first skate on the Bettman circuit.

His parents and close friends will be there, and he’s pretty confident he’ll have fun. We certainly hope so.

Because yes, Roy will be playing his first NHL game at the Bell Centre. And what’s more, he’ll be doing it on a Saturday night, when the atmosphere goes to a whole new level.

Renaud Lavoie talked about it this week on BPM Sports, saying that the guys prepare differently for these games and that there’s always a little something in the air.

And at today’s press briefing, Martin St-Louis was asked about the special atmosphere at the Bell Centre on a Saturday night.

His answer pretty much says it all:

If this were my last day on earth, and you asked me where I’d want to be, I’d want to be at the Bell Centre on a Saturday night. – Martin St-Louis

Obviously, the statement is already strong from the outset, but add to that the fact that MSL is a guy who is very close to his family and it becomes even more impressive. Despite the family aspect, it’s still the Bell Centre on a Saturday night that would be at the top of his list.

I don’t know what’s in the air on a Saturday night at the Bell Centre, but if the fans feel it, the players and coaches feel it too (and the other teams, according to St-Louis, who play with that energy every day of the week when they’re in Montreal). The guys give it their all and the fans cheer even louder, which makes for some really enjoyable moments.

And the Habs are going to need it tonight, after two dreadful performances in their last two games, against the Flyers and the Sharks. The club is taking a nosedive, and while we’re banking on the euphoria of Joshua Roy’s arrival to motivate the troops, we’re also banking on the energy that the fans on hand will be able to instill.

And also on the mysterious electricity in the air at the Bell Centre, which obviously only comes out on Saturday nights.

In bursts

– Can’t wait to see how he does.

– Indeed.

– A historic moment for women’s hockey.

– David Jiricek will be sidelined tonight in Columbus.

– Due to weather conditions, the match between the Steelers and the Bills has been postponed to Monday, 4:30pm. It was originally scheduled for 1pm tomorrow.

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